Mc Rubber Flash JR 17CM

These astonishing McRubber Flash Series pike lures drive the pike wild! Claes “Svartzonker” Claesson is one of the best-known lure makers in Sweden and his Svartzonker brand is highly valued in the Nordic countries. And not without reason! Svartzonker is constantly introducing highly effective lures and pike fishers in particular are beginning to refer to the brand as a cult favorite. A large tail with responsive action and a perfectly finished body. The lure is delivered without hooks, allowing the angler to equip it according to their preferences with a jig screw or large jig head and stinger hooks, for example.  

kr 159,00 inkl. MVA.

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Legg i ønskelisten
Produktnummer: PW-108719 Kategorier: , ,
  • Lengde: 17cm
  • Vekt: 45g
  • Produsent: Svartzonker




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